Posted on: January 26, 2010 4:36 pm

Here we go again, Another Crappy Halftime Show

Wow..the Who??  Really?

Come on Roger, it happened so long ago (Janet)...hell, most of the acts you've had recentely were relevant back then...what is the deal with the Halftime Entertainment?  Dude, I'd rather have Miley Cyrus than another of these 50+ year old acts...and I'm not talking about the age of the performers, I'm talking about how long they've been performing..
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Posted on: February 3, 2009 9:23 am

Crappy Halfime Shows at the SB

I know I'm late, but i've been dissapointed at the halftime show of the SB ever since Janet had that malfunction...I mean, the Roger and the NFL have chosen the oldest acts to play the Halftime shows of the SB...I have changed the channell every year...thank god ABC had on wipeout, or I would have been stuck talking to the in-laws...

The NFL needs to grow up and get younger with the Halftime was terrible to see the crotch slide towards the camera by some 60 year old....and it had to hurt, he had to much velocity moving forward for it not to have hurt...

And I don't even want Rap music...I could stand for some Hip Hop or Pop....R&B, Rock, even country...but please allow the peformer to be of non-AARP eligibility....

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Posted on: June 13, 2008 4:58 pm

R. Kelly is Innocent

Hello All,

Just wanted to relay the message that R. Kelly has been acquitted of all charges against him...This was the DA's only chance, and they blew it...whether he did it or not he's an innocent man....I love his music, he's a genius, but if that's not him on the tape, it has to be his long lost brother...

But was it his fault if he didn't know she was underage??  They are saying he had numerous encounters with the girl, but it's not a stated fact....

Why is it a mans fault if the female doesn't inform or lies to him about her age??  Damn Double-Edged sword...

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Posted on: April 18, 2008 3:35 pm

Damn U David Stern and Double Damn U Clay Bennett

This blog takes material from an older entry...I just thought people need to know how much this sucks...It can happen to anybody, so keep hold of your team and expect to pay higher taxes to build a new stadium every 10-15 years...

I am blogging on this because I don't think this issue has gotten enough attention.  I am in no way affiliated with the city of Seattle nor with the state of Washington.  I feel this is highway robbery by corrupt officials who are in "The Club" and only look for themselves and close friends with money(lots of it).  I don't see how David Stern can even comment on this because it is easy to see that he has personal interests in this issue.  He is a close friend of the man who is at the forefront of this battle, Clay Bennett (insert derogatory statement here).

Clay Bennett bought the Sonics from the owner of the Starbucks with intentions of moving the franchise to Oklahoma City.  Seattle Citizens protested the sale but were reassured that the team was staying in Seattle.  What a crock of s***t.  The new owner began cleaning house by getting rid of all the talent on the team (Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis), and then asking the city for money to build a new $500 million stadium not even 10 years after the citizens agreed to fund a renovation of Key Arena with a $200 million price tag.  When the people said "Hell NO!!!", the owner stated that they don't support the team and he has his hands tied behind his back owning a franchise that was not making a profit.  He then revealed to the suprise of no one, that he had intentions of moving the team to Oklahoma City.

David Stern remarked on the subject that he did not see Seattle having a team in the near future if they were to leave after 41 YEARS of NBA participation.  He stated recently that he did not see a "miracle" that could stop the move of his long time compadre's new NBA franchise to Oklahoma.  Now I know one friend scratches the back of the other, but what is David Stern getting out of this?  It has to be a secret financial deal worth some serious coin because he is looking like the U.S. Gov't and Clay Bennett is Halliburton.

But the whole thing of it is who believes Clay Bennett enough to the point where he can have you thinking Seattle doesn't "NBA Cares".  He has to be extremely greedy or think the people of Seattle are idiotic when he asked for the new stadium.  The whole fact that he's a billionaire and didn't even offer to match the city dollar for dollar on the new stadium speaks volumes to the fact that he was moving anyway.  David Stern is enabling franchises to rob tax dollars from State and local jurisdictions to build new and "improved" stadiums while schools, crime, and the overall infrastructure could use those tax dollars for something else.

"The NBA, where tax dollars for school funding are used to whipe our A$$es."

Posted on: April 9, 2008 3:11 pm

Any Hardcore Rap (not Hip Hop) Fans

What it do, What it is people??

Are there any Hardcore Rap Fans??

People who enjoy Lil' Wayne, Jadakiss, Styles P, Eminem, J-Hood, Cassidy, Papoose, Young Jeezy, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, G-Unit, Murder Mook, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, B.G., Busta Rhymes,  etc.....

If you are a Hardcore Rap Fan, I'd love to hear about what you listen to and what you think about it...

Also, new music out there that I have no clue about will help...

I'm tired of people like LL Cool J, KRS-One(god I hate that guy), and others talking about "Pure Hip Hip"...

So give the hardest spittin' Rap legends of today their own genre...

The "Get Money" Genre

Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:46 pm
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Who's Better is Better??  (Right Now) AP OR LT??

Who would you rather have on your team right now?? AP (Adrian Peterson) or LT (you know who it is)????????

I saw the commercial...who's better is better?? LT or AP??

Tale of the Tape


Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota Vikings, is the 2nd year pro out of Oklahoma...He owned college since his freshmen year and repeated his dominance in the NFL last year...He ran for over 1300 yds...#2 in the League....He is one of the fastest players in the NFL...He also plays w/ with a strong veteran RB next to him in Chester Taylor...He also had a moderate problem staying healthy...He was injured last year....

LT (Obi Wan)

LT, Greatest RB in the M*U+H3RF in' World, holds the record for most TD's in a season...He ran for 1400 yds in a "down" year...He was #1 in the League...He dominated college and was drafted by the San Diego Chargers...He has the best chance of chasing down Mr. E. Smith, #22, "the messiah"......He went to the playoffs last year..He doesn't have a history of injury....He got injured in the playoffs...His backup who averaged 8 yds. a carry last year, gone for the Big Doe Rehab......

So Who's Better will be Betterer this Year??


AP's or LT's??

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Posted on: March 21, 2008 2:37 pm

Doyel!!! Where R U?? And Damn u Western KY

I hate Gregg Doyel, what about you.  Western Kentucky, damn you, damn you to hell.

Anyone else share these fellings??

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 12:25 pm

Specter/Comcast vs. Goodell/Kraft, NBA vs Seattle

Specter, the ranking Republican from Comcast,  this is classic.  The good ol' boys clubs are set to square off.  On one side you have the Commissioner of the NFL along with his great buddy, the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft.  On the other side you have a U.S. Senator and Comcast.  This is a battle in which both sides are pure evil and greed.  A slap on the wrist for Kraft in a private industry, shouldn't even be an issue for a state let alone a Federal Gov't, but with Sports Policing being the new "thing" this decade for the U.S. Gov't while the economy plummets you have an oppurtunity to see a few good ol' boys with good ol' money face off.

Do you think if the NBA had a problem with Comcast, they would be investigated for their good ol' boys club of Commissioner David Stern  and the owner of the Oklahoma City Super Sonics proposed move to Oklahoma.  Would a senator get involved when the people actually cared about issue, as oppossed to an issue that personally ($$$) affects them??  This is almost better than the election.  

How is David Stern's endorsement of a move to Oklahoma City not insider trading.  His good friend Clay Bennett has broken all the rules when it comes to customer satisfaction.  Good luck NBA without Seattle.

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