Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:46 pm
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Who's Better is Better??  (Right Now) AP OR LT??

Who would you rather have on your team right now?? AP (Adrian Peterson) or LT (you know who it is)????????

I saw the commercial...who's better is better?? LT or AP??

Tale of the Tape


Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota Vikings, is the 2nd year pro out of Oklahoma...He owned college since his freshmen year and repeated his dominance in the NFL last year...He ran for over 1300 yds...#2 in the League....He is one of the fastest players in the NFL...He also plays w/ with a strong veteran RB next to him in Chester Taylor...He also had a moderate problem staying healthy...He was injured last year....

LT (Obi Wan)

LT, Greatest RB in the M*U+H3RF in' World, holds the record for most TD's in a season...He ran for 1400 yds in a "down" year...He was #1 in the League...He dominated college and was drafted by the San Diego Chargers...He has the best chance of chasing down Mr. E. Smith, #22, "the messiah"......He went to the playoffs last year..He doesn't have a history of injury....He got injured in the playoffs...His backup who averaged 8 yds. a carry last year, gone for the Big Doe Rehab......

So Who's Better will be Betterer this Year??


AP's or LT's??

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