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Posted on: February 29, 2008 10:06 am

Flo' Adams 6 Years, $43 Million??

I know there are no offensive tackles with the skill sets Flozell Adams has in Free Agency this year, but he is a cap-killing machine.  He doesn't miss games but it looks like it hurts him to crouch and stand.  At 32 he should not be recieving this type of Money.  I believe a three-four year deal was the best he should of got.  Jerry Jones needs to allow the younger lineman an oppurtunity to gel and perform sooner or later.  A proven left tackle is the hardest thing to come by, but I just don't think Adams is the healthiest at his position.  I wish him luck and congratulate him on his last big contract, but 32 years old seems too late to be paying him this type of money.

Jerry Jones needs to hire a GM to evaluate talent and negotiate more cap-friendly deals.  Hopefully this will happen in the near future if the Cowboys don't win big instead of firing the coach. Jones has done great job building this team, but Parcells did have a lot to do with it.  Here's hoping this move works out for everyone involved.


Go Boys!!!!!!!!!!

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