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Posted on: March 3, 2008 11:19 am

Pete "Da Pu$$Y" Prisco

I just got done reading Pete Prisco's column about the Atlanta Falcons signing of RB Michael Turner and boy is he an idiot.  It's like the thought of this being a bad signing came into his head and he had to write an article agreeing with his original thought.  How could this be a bad signing,  Turner has no wear and tear on his body.  He's also a game-breaker.  He is the most talented position player out there besides Randy Moss.  The Falcons organization made a good move in picking this guy up.  So what if they overpaid, you do that when there isn't a boatload of talent out there with an inflated cap number.

I hope that Prisco can look at this move about mid-late next season and see the error in his ways.  What an Idiot.

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