Tag:Good Ol' Boys Club (Rich People w/ Connections)
Posted on: March 10, 2008 12:25 pm

Specter/Comcast vs. Goodell/Kraft, NBA vs Seattle

Specter, the ranking Republican from Comcast,  this is classic.  The good ol' boys clubs are set to square off.  On one side you have the Commissioner of the NFL along with his great buddy, the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft.  On the other side you have a U.S. Senator and Comcast.  This is a battle in which both sides are pure evil and greed.  A slap on the wrist for Kraft in a private industry, shouldn't even be an issue for a state let alone a Federal Gov't, but with Sports Policing being the new "thing" this decade for the U.S. Gov't while the economy plummets you have an oppurtunity to see a few good ol' boys with good ol' money face off.

Do you think if the NBA had a problem with Comcast, they would be investigated for their good ol' boys club of Commissioner David Stern  and the owner of the Oklahoma City Super Sonics proposed move to Oklahoma.  Would a senator get involved when the people actually cared about issue, as oppossed to an issue that personally ($$$) affects them??  This is almost better than the election.  

How is David Stern's endorsement of a move to Oklahoma City not insider trading.  His good friend Clay Bennett has broken all the rules when it comes to customer satisfaction.  Good luck NBA without Seattle.

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