Posted on: January 26, 2010 4:36 pm

Here we go again, Another Crappy Halftime Show

Wow..the Who??  Really?

Come on Roger, it happened so long ago (Janet)...hell, most of the acts you've had recentely were relevant back then...what is the deal with the Halftime Entertainment?  Dude, I'd rather have Miley Cyrus than another of these 50+ year old acts...and I'm not talking about the age of the performers, I'm talking about how long they've been performing..
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Posted on: February 3, 2009 9:23 am

Crappy Halfime Shows at the SB

I know I'm late, but i've been dissapointed at the halftime show of the SB ever since Janet had that malfunction...I mean, the Roger and the NFL have chosen the oldest acts to play the Halftime shows of the SB...I have changed the channell every year...thank god ABC had on wipeout, or I would have been stuck talking to the in-laws...

The NFL needs to grow up and get younger with the Halftime Show...it was terrible to see the crotch slide towards the camera by some 60 year old....and it had to hurt, he had to much velocity moving forward for it not to have hurt...

And I don't even want Rap music...I could stand for some Hip Hop or Pop....R&B, Rock, even country...but please allow the peformer to be of non-AARP eligibility....

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